Farther and farther away you take me
Into the land of green grass and blue Skys with white clouds
Where the days never get dark and the nights are constantly 
Illuminated with millions of brightly shining stars. 

Farther and farther you take me away
From the  grief that fills my heart
The despair that fills my mind
And the dejection that weighs me down

Farther and farther away you take me
With your harmonious voice 
Your symphonic strings
And your euphoric presence 

Take me away to your world
 Where the heavens and earth meet
Where stillness encapsulates our soul
And yokes into harmony.

I will tread this earth with you
Our hearts knitted together
our mind integrated together
 And lips passionately entwined.

the lovepoet



I am your addiction
the drug that keeps and kills 

So let your eyes fall on me
my bare skin as it 
appears before you

Let your hands travel through 
my tracks and curves,
artwork of the maker

To an open fountain of 
a lover's ocean
Swim the  turbulent waves 
of pleasures and ecstasy 
Drown in desires filled 
and satisfaction reached

Get lost in me 

Lose yourself, 
your mind, 
your soul 
and spirit

Let me break down the walls 
that have kept you away from me
All these years 

The Lovepoet



                                                                         One last kiss before I go
                                                                           Fade into the abyss of sadness
                                                                             Least I exist in your life 

                                                  One last touch before
                               memories evaporate Into the air 
                  Least you think, feel for my embrace

                                                                                                           One last look before 
                                                                                                             Your eyes are clouded with tears 
                                                                                                               and blinded by another ’s beauty 

                                                            One last dance before 
                                                      Our ways part into the wild 
                                                    movement bound by weeds
                                                        And pierced by thorns

                                                               Let emotions melt as our love ceases to exist

                                                                       I wash my mind free of you 

                                                                        I crawl up in a ball and bury myself. 
                                                                         weary, full of you
                                                                        unfulfilled, unsatisfied  without you  

                                                                            As our love passes away 
                                                                              I wish to be no more
                                                                              But hidden in a place
                                                              Where black and white images of us
                                                                   Play over and over in my head 

Falling into a deep dark clime
Getting lost in the whirlwind of emotions
My hearts bleeds into a chrisom sea of pain
My spirits watch me dematerialize into oblivion
I see myself fading away

Disappearing into the abyss
Sadness thunders before me
Hurt strikes like a lighting

Alone in darkness
Alone in a confined sphere
You have left m in a familiar clime
cold and chilly I have become
Numb and stony

You left me in a dark place
Like every other one before me
You promised to lead me to the stars
 blindfolded my eyes, held my hands
and walked me to my death
 Drowning in my tears
I scream out your name

Crying for help
I see in your face, false flag of love
A terrorist, exploding my affections
blasting them into tiny pieces of hate

Though my body may die tonight
My spirit is overgrown with despise
Looking to seeking vengeance
For a heartbroken and
A love wasted.

Nola the lovepoet

                                                              listen as you read 


                                          PRETTY HURTS.    Image result for hiding behind a mask                                                          Mask me

Mask me 
as I shelter 
my true self

Mask me 
as I keep my
words and world a secret

Mask me 
as I conceal
behind this white lies
and sunny smiles
that shadows my pain
and torment

Mask me 
as I crouch 
in the corner
of my room
every night crying

Mask me 
as I emit myself 
inside him, 
as I hide my sorrows
in the moans
and pleasures of his

Mask me 
as cover my filthiness
under my soul

Mask me 
as I coat my
ugliness in worldly

Mask me I ask
before my shame is
uncovered and before
the truth unclips
its wings to the sky

Mask me.


Image result for girl  about to shoot herself in black and white shadow

It’s ok to say you don’t love me 

It’s ok not to love me anymore

It’s ok to say goodbye

To walk away from me

It’s ok to never look back

To forget me 

Remove all memories of times shared in love 

It’s ok to hate me 

To never want to behold my face again 

Hear my voice again 

Hold my hands again 

Kiss my lips again 

gaze into my eyes again 

It’s ok darling 

not to love me anymore

the lovepoet 

Dark Skin Coco Man

From the crown of his head
To the sole of his feet
plum lips soft and sweet
Crescent broad smile

My dark choco skin man
Clothed in cotton soft skin
Uplift me your strength full arms did
as your thick palms caress me,

His tropical heart burns
vowing " never hurt she"... me
intelligence guides his cocoa feet,
Wearing faith resilient as the chosen
bearing trust never broken.

Dark choco skin man
Dark cocoa skin man
Who's voice... words
linger in my thought
night after night,

rears butterflies in my belly
grows goosebumps on my skin  
As his seeds planted
within me germinate.
Dark cocoa skin man

To whom my being belongs,
convinced first my
trust and love to confess.
On you, I lean on
In you I found rest
My dark cocoa skin man

                                                        from deep within the heart 
                                                                  the lovepoet
                                                        edited by the cocktailpoet


Sinking in Blue

I fall into the deep sapphire waters of emotion
Waves of melancholy and despair sway me back and forth swiftly
Rolling endlessly in these feelings
Drowning in misery

My lungs filled with darkness, no air to breathe
I stretch my hands out to you
But yet again you watch me drown
Drown to my death as my body is weakened out of desperation
for the satisfaction of you,

With my last hope I fight these waves of bitterness
Praying you will pull me into the ecstasy of your love
Sorrow sinks me deeper into the bottomless oceans of sentimentality

As my eyes begin to close I see your face contort in dreadful glee
My ears set ablaze at the venom, you whisper to me
Pushing anguish into every part of my being
The weight of these feelings clog my mind
I have inhaled, from you too much despair, my vision is blurred by phantoms of the suffering you inflict so willingly, so carefully
My screams are choked by heartbreak and so I calmly give into the misery of knowing…..

That you will never love me again